Phone scams targeting local seniors

Phone scams targeting local seniors


The Chico Police Department is warning senior residents about a variety of scams recently reported in Chico, the majority of which target senior citizens.

In one of the scams, people are receiving calls from people claiming to be with the U.S. Treasury Department or IRS. The caller, often identified as Steve Martin, tells people they are behind on their taxes and if they do not pay a certain amount right away a lien will be placed on some of their property.

Another scam circulating the North State is known as the “Grandparent Scam” which targets senior citizens. The caller claims to be a grandchild who is having an emergency or has been arrested, and needs help in the form of a money order.

Also recently reported is the “lottery scam,” in which people receive a call saying they won the lottery, but in order to receive the money, the taxes must be paid in advance.

Finally, the department would like to warn residents about a scam in which a person calls and states they are an officer with local law enforcement. The caller says there are warrants out for the victim’s arrest and if they don’t pay an arrest will be made.

Anyone who has fallen victim to a scam can report it to the FBI online here, or locally to the Chico Police Department here.

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