Seniorplicity save sales and content teams time, while improving effectiveness and optimizing productivity.  From content that guides successful sales behavior, Seniorplicity enables teams to more easily access, contact, develop and manage sales leads.  Seniorplicity’s innovative approach offers real-time insight to ensure selling teams are equipped with the information needed to win, by driving repeatable methodologies and making organizations more agile.  With over 2,500 customers including Aetna (NYSE: AET), SCI (NYSE: SCI), Brightstar and Century 21.  Seniorplicity’s RIGHT NOW alerts are helping organizations significantly increase their productivity, eliminating wasted hours and reducing costs.

Q.) How is the network promoted?
A.) Seniorplicity is promoted online thru grass roots efforts via online social media.

Q.) Is there a cost for the service providers to join?
A.) There is no-cost to join Seniorplicity.

Q.) Is there a cost after joining Seniorplicity?
A.) Once a community or provider creates a page.  They will have the opportunity to sign-up for RIGHT NOW alerts.  RIGHT NOW alerts are optional, and carry a nominal monthly fee.

Q.) What is RIGHT NOW?
A.) RIGHT NOW is an email alert system developed by Seniorplicity to alert providers and communities of turnover.

Q.) How do I join RIGHT NOW?
A.) After creating a page select the RIGHT NOW logo.  An option of 3, 10, or 20-mile radius will appear.  Select the option best suited for your needs and insert payment info.

Q.) Why when I type in my zip code do properties further from me appear first?
A.) The search results are based off the number of providers and communities those locations have linked on their page. The more a links a community has, the higher they appear in the search results. We designed it this way for the mere fact that people want to be associated with great communities, not mediocre communities, so search results act as survival of the fittest.

Q.) What are some features of the Seniorplicity network?
A.) Seniorplicity allows you to upload videos, photos, info, send email blasts, instant message consumers, or email them to answer any questions. Seniorplicity will also update you on new providers in the area, and alert you, if their contact info has updated.

Q.) Do I need to log-in daily to receive my messages?
A.) All correspondence will go directly to your email address. Seniorplicity was designed to run itself. So, unless you have an email blast, or want to update the page. Seniorplicity is self-sufficient.

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