Turnover at senior communities is one of the most time consuming issues a service provider faces.  How often has this happened to you?  You’ve finally made the right connection at a community.  Referrals are coming in, and you knew once the community’s director saw your products and services, they were going to open the doors and flood you with referrals.  You decide to reach out to the community to set-up a time for a presentation only to find your contact has been replaced.  They have a new decision maker and, she already has 2 of your competitors meeting with her this week, and she is swamped, but will give you a call.  That call rarely comes.  The time it takes to build those referral sources is priceless.  Protect your investment, and add value to your time with the real-time updates, and contact information.

Seniorplicity’s Solution:

The Right Now program was developed by Seniorplicity to elevate the user’s experience, and alleviate the confusion of each organization’s inner workings.  In short, we made it easy to find out who your contact is Right Now.  Whether it’s a community, or local service provider.  Right Now will enable users to not miss a beat when a turnover occurs.  The transition to a new contact at a senior living community has now been made seamless.

Receive updates and the latest community info before your competitors do.  Join Right Now, and stay on-top of your business’s referral sources.

Right Now email alerts will keep you up-to-date on:

  • Administrative turnover
  • Contact title
  • Business Name
  • Ownership
  • Phone number
  • Cell phone number for the point of contact
  • New senior communities
  • Invited to work with local communities
  • Invites your organization to connect with their community


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