Q: What is the cost of the program to the community?
A: NOTHING! Your community will never incur any costs for our marketing programs, other than your time.
Q: Do we decide who sponsors our program?
A: YES! The service providers will request to sponsor your community, you will have the ability to accept or decline their request. Furthermore, you will have the ability to cancel their sponsorship at anytime.
Q: Who builds and maintains the communities page?
A: The community, simply log-in, create an account and follow the steps. At anytime you'll be able to log-in and update your site.
Q: Who coordinates the onsite service provider Q&A sessions?
A: Each service provider will contact you directly to schedule their onsite session. We hold the service providers to a strict set of guidelines, so that your sessions do not turn into sales solicitations.
Q: How will we know when a customer is interested in receiving info about our community?
A: Youralf.com will send an e-mail to the email address you register with us. Simply click on the email and you will be directed to your account at Youralf.com and into your communities announcements. You will then be able to communicate with the interested party by phone or e-mail.
Q: How will we know when a service provider is interested in sponsoring our community?
A: You will receive an e-mail from Youralf.com. Simply click on that email and you will be directed to your Youralf.com page. Once you are logged onto your page you will view an announcement stating that "xyz medical" is interested in sponsoring your page. At this point you can do two things. 1.) Click on their link and read about their services to see if they are a good fit for your community. 2.) Accept or decline the invitation.

Terms of Service: The consumer relieves the community(s) its parent company(s) and any employee of the community of any responsibility or liability of the service provider. I understand that the community does not endorse or receive compensation for any service providers listed on the community(s) page(s). Any injury or wrongdoing on the service provider's part is solely the responsibility of the service provider, and not that of the community(s).
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